Pause for poems

A few days ago I continued watching Desperate Housewives. I’m at the beginning of season 5  so by now I have to admit that I kinda dig it 😀 Anyways, I think it was the last episode of season 4 where one of the characters (more specifically Mrs. McCluskey) recited this poem in honor of her neighbor who had recently passed away. I can’t tell why but for some reason I absolutely LOVE this poem and so I decided to share it with you.

When I heard it in the show I didn’t know what it was called so I had to pause my episode to google it right away. The first version I listened to was read by a man and so I got this idea that it’s really soothing to actually listen to well recited poems. Why don’t we read poems anymore? Personally, I realized that I prefer poems read by men. There’s just something about their relatively deep voice that gets through to me and really calms me down. So I had to search for what seamd like forever until I found a version I liked. But first the poem itself.

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I set up a contact page!

I set up a contact page!

If you have questions, requests, tips,… or want to do a guest post just send me an email and we’ll figure something out 🙂

Obviously, I’ll respect your privacy if you decide to get in touch with me and I contact-me-no-data-mdwon’t post anything you sent me without your permission! It’s important to me that you feel comfortable about sharing your thoughts with me and I’m really thankful that some of you already shared their opinion or gave me feedback in their comments. Thanks a lot for that! 🙂 

Starting my social year

I graduated high school a few months ago and I was (and still am) pretty unsure about what I want to do later in life. For a  long period of time, I’m talking at least 10 years, I was pretty sure that I want to become a doctor….but that changed lately.  First of all, it’s really hard to get into med school over here. My grades in high school were pretty good (mostly A’s and a few B’s) but that’s still not enough to be accepted at a university. I applied anyways, just to see how much I’d have to wait to get in and when I finally received the letter from the universities, it said that I’d have to wait about 5 or 6 YEARS! That’s a lot…

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Guys guys GUYS!!!!

Guys guys GUYS!!!!

I decided to do that godparent thing I told you about in on of my earlier posts and guess what came in the mail today….a folder with a TON of info about my godchild, where she lives, what she does…

I’ll have to check out how much of that I’m allowed to tell you guys (because of privacy protection and stuff like that) but I hope that I can share at least basic info with you 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed!!

Finish the lyrics with Awkward Teen

Sorry guys for having to wait for soooo long!! But here is the second part of the lyrics collab with Awkward Teen (check out her blog here)!

For those of you who don’t know, we agreed on having a Disney lyrics quiz. She did the first 5 questions and I’ll do the next 5 and so on. Just like her, I’ll color the answers I got right in green and the ones I got wrong in red. The right answer to the question will have “(r)” behind it.


6. The Princess and the Frog

“When I’m a human being, at least I’ll ____ ____ ____, if you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way.”

a) Finally be free
b) Act like one (r)
c) Try to be
d) Do my best

I figured the frog would like to be free since he’s bound to his fountain because of the spell. But acting like a human, or at least trying to, sounds good, too 🙂

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On the verge of becoming a godparent

So I was sick a few days ago and as I was in bed all day long, me and my beloved laptop had a lot of time to do random stuff 🙂 I came across this website from an organisation called “Kindernothilfe“. They organize help and raise money for people in need, they help with reconstruction after natural disasters and so on. The thing that interests my most is their godparent-project.

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