On the verge of becoming a godparent

So I was sick a few days ago and as I was in bed all day long, me and my beloved laptop had a lot of time to do random stuff 🙂 I came across this website from an organisation called “Kindernothilfe“. They organize help and raise money for people in need, they help with reconstruction after natural disasters and so on. The thing that interests my most is their godparent-project.

This is how it works: You can chose if you want to become godparent of one of their projects (for example to help get homeless kids off the streets or to fight child abuse) or it you want to become a godparent of a kid living in a third-world-country. Meaning you donate 1€ per day to this kid and the project he is part of. This way the kid can go to school instead of having to work for a living and has chances of a better future. And what I thought was really great too, is that you can write letters to your godchild, so they can let you know what’s going on and the whole thing becomes a lot more personal compared to just donating money without knowing what is being done with it.


What do you guys think of that project? I’m not 100% sure yet if I want to sign up for this…


2 thoughts on “On the verge of becoming a godparent

  1. Hey babe, my names Lucy I am a fellow blogger. I happen to have spent a lot of time in third world countries and I would say before donating really check out the organisation, sometimes they take half of the money or are not giving it to the right children (if it makes it to the children at all). It’s so beautiful you want to help, but just be careful and do plenty of research first ( a good start would be seeing if the charities promoted by that countries government). Lots of Love, Lucy xxx (www.livingbylucy.com)


    • Hi Lucy, thanks for your comment! I did a lot of research and talked to a friend who has a godchild through the same organisation and she was able to give me really good feedback about their work (Her godchild is from India). About 84% of the donations go to the child and/or the project it is part of, the other 16% are used for administrative purposes and marketing. So I guess that’s a really good ratio…


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