Guys guys GUYS!!!!

Guys guys GUYS!!!!

I decided to do that godparent thing I told you about in on of my earlier posts and guess what came in the mail today….a folder with a TON of info about my godchild, where she lives, what she does…

I’ll have to check out how much of that I’m allowed to tell you guys (because of privacy protection and stuff like that) but I hope that I can share at least basic info with you 🙂

Keep your fingers crossed!!


On the verge of becoming a godparent

So I was sick a few days ago and as I was in bed all day long, me and my beloved laptop had a lot of time to do random stuff 🙂 I came across this website from an organisation called “Kindernothilfe“. They organize help and raise money for people in need, they help with reconstruction after natural disasters and so on. The thing that interests my most is their godparent-project.

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